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Here is a quick video of where my fancy goldfish will be spending this years growing season. First fountain pond is just under 600g and the two mold injected ponds are a little over 250g each (originally my koi quarantine setups). The water barrels are filled to ~50g per and I am going to experiment w/ one or two goldfish in each w/o filtration and only hyacinths. There is a 3000g pond at the rear of the house but the area is too messy for video at the moment.

Filtration is a pressurized system where first barrel starts a vortex settling chamber at the bottom, which then flows upward through two grades of matala mats. It then overflows to the second drum which is a trickle tower filled w/ bioballs and other forms of bio media. Each setup is rated to filter 3000g's of water. An Iwaki external pump runs one and a submersible Rio 3100 runs the other. I am waiting for warmer weather and a free weekend to finish painting the barrels so that it looks a little more cohesive.

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