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RyuChu tank, as requested by some :)


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ok ok, yes, i have had a name change! loololololol... but not that you should really notice much, it only changed a little :P

anyhow, some have requested in the past that i show my giants from above, best way to do that was to get the water level low to 15% capacity and climb in :rofl so, here we go:

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They all look wonderful :D

I love the tail on the big red Ryu <3

thank you!! Leonidis, he's such a handsome fish! he used to have a nice thick black line at the tip of his tail which was even more stunning, but it's certainly a fine tail for a handsome boy :wub:

Stunning!! :D

thank you! :D

very pretty fish, love them all.

many thanks Michael :)

I love your tanks! :) Fish look great today.

How old is that huge anubias? :o

thanks hun :) that anubias is approx 3 years old. i swap them around as the giants really tear peices out of them. so this gets some regrowth time in the totts tank. every 6 months, i swap them so they get some time to recover. also, sometimes i take them out and leave them in an aerated tub for a week, out in the sunshine, i give them boosts with fertilizer and other nutrients for a speedier growth (i don't add these chemials into the water where the fish are). i then rinse them well and add them back to their tanks :)

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That's real nice. The Calico Ryukin laying sideway, is it ok? I was gonna ask why you are using Stakos' picture. =-O

thanks Jesse :) Mr Disabled became disabled from a heated spawning session. he either banged into the glass really hard or the driftwood and this is how he is now. he's perfectly healthy, but is forced by his disability to lay on his side when he is idle :) no problems! he's still a spunky fish to me :wub:

I didn't know we could just request videos of you fish........I'd have been demanding daily videos, Helen. :popcorn

Thanks for sharing, it's always appreciated. :)

don't challenge me young man! there are loads of vids i do not post :P thank you :heart

Super chunky fish! , Helen they are really something!

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thanks hun :heart

Gorgeous, Helen. Feel free to send the calico ranchu to me :)

sure :) no problems :) i will take stella as a trade though! :booty

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They are gorgeous! :heart

many thanks Ms.Jenny :D

Love your fish as always, Helen. Those ranchu are absolutely gorgeous. :)

:heart i am slowly becoming a ranchu fan :o although, nothing beats a Ryukin for me, the're slowly waddling their way to the centre of my heart :)

Wow that is some fat happy fish. lol Thank you for sharing.

thanks hun :)

So pretty!

thank you Jamie :D

Nice :thumb:

thanks :)

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Lovely fish as always , is tha Ryukin lying on its side ? :heart

thanks hun, yes, indeed it is, i have explained above in my reply to Thunder :)

They're gorgeous, Helen. :heart

many thanks :D

Lovely fish! :)

:D :D

Truly magnificent fish, and I'm suspecting that the simplicity of the barebottom tank lends an elegance . . .


thank you Bruce, i feel it does.. especially when you see it front on, rather than from top. front on, all panels look like mirror with the room lights out and the overhead lights on. it really is a breathtaking experience. goldfish are the best :)

Wow! They are as beautiful as your accent! Thanks for sharing. What size tank are they in and how long did it take for you to grow them to that size?

haha! thanks :)

my giants are purchased as roughly the same size you see them, a little smaller. in my care, they grow a few inches, perhaps a little more, but that's it. i get the smallest from whats on offer in the newest shipment and for the first few months, i feed them very well for them to grow to a size that i feel comfortable with and then i taper off their feeding to one a day and only to maintain their current size/weight. if i personally cannot manage to lift a fish in size and weight with my own two hands (meaning, i need to be able to properly grip a fish without damage and not drop them from their force of resistance), i would rather not own it. to me, it would be considered a pond fish. the size of my tank is a custom 126 gallon.

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Great looking giants Any plans to breed them? I can also see that one with the cyst removal mark still very visible. Good surgery job. How about that ryukin laying by it's side. Have you tried with any other treatment before? There is still a slim chance you know.

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