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Cycling next step?

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Hi, Well today is day 32 of cycling with fish tank I tested this morning and am finally getting some nitrite and nitrate showing in my water and I was not sure what to do next I have been doing a 25% water change daily to keep ammonia low. Should I continue with that or is there something else I should do now? I having issues reading the test kit but I think I’m at

Ammonia .50ppm

Nitrite .25ppm

Nitrate 10ppm

pH 7.6

Does it look like I’m reading it correct? I don’t have the best eyesight so I’m hoping I’m reading it ok here is a pic my babies are doing great and boy do these little rascals grow fast they already look so much bigger then when I got them :D Thanks


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Can you test the pH with the high pH test kit?

Just to make sure, this is a fish-in cycle?

How big is the tank?

What filter(s) do you have?

What type of media is in there?

What type of water conditioner do you have?

Does it detoxify ammonia?

Sorry for all the questions, just want to make sure everything is going along smoothly :)

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i use prime

filters aqueon quiet flow 30 with carbon cut out of cartrige stuffed with filter foam pads and a bag with Aquaclear biomax insert and the other is a tetra wisper ex20 that came with the set up carbon is also cut out and i stuffed the cartrige with more filter foam

high pH test looks about 8.0

yes fish are in

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