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Rest in peace dearest Sheldon


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http://youtube.com/watch?v=3WLOftYpJ9Y I found my rubber nosed Pleco Sheldon dead to day

He was the 10 th fish I lost this month :( dear Sheldon I dearly apologize for your sudden deat, if it was me please for give me , my love for you will never die, you zany antics and high strung nervousness to witch you got your name :) dear Sheldon you will be greatly remembered :( , I feel awful I keep thinking I killed him by forgetting his algae wafers this week I have never really felt like bursting into tears about a fish till today , I am soo sorry Sheldon my you rest in the great pond in the sky the song I picked sums up how I feel at the moment becuase my love for Sheldon will never die no matter what :heart:crying:

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