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South Carolina Aquatics Trade Show

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I really am not sure where to post this, so feel free to move it :)

Originally HappyPercy and I had planned to meet up at the show, but unfortunately she came down sick and couldn't go :(

Anyway, the Trade Show was great, I had a ton of fun! Unfortunately it was very focused on saltwater and cichlids, but still nice. It was less of a show than a trade event, most fish were readily bagged up to go, so it was hard to take photos of them. I got a few though.

We entered only one of the raffles, but didn't win anything :rofl

I still didn't leave empty handed, as I got more than a pint (!!!) of duckweed and some other floating plant similar to it, that is native and only found somewhere in the Carolinas, according to the seller. Probably right out of the public pond behind her house :lol Very pretty looking though and from overlooking it, I found only one ramshorn snail in it. It was only $ 5, that is quite cheap compared to buying duckweed online, where they will charge you $ 2 for a tablespoon full of it.

I also got a good amount of frogbit for $ 3 and a couple pieces of water sprite for $ 1.

Wanted to buy the most beautiful long finned bristlenose pleco. He was yellow, not albino, and had black eyes. Unfortunately he was already sold :(

They also had one single goldfish there :lol He was a gorgeous fat short tail ryukin, all orange, with big breeding stars on his fins. He was begging to be taken home, but

A) he was from Fintastic, aka the cess pool

B) he was $ 40 and I had a spending budget of $ 36

C) I don't have room

Overall it really was great, but I think they need a bigger place. It was only one large room with one small room for the speakers. It got so packed so quickly, because they had a lot more people visit than they expected. Unfortunately OF COURSE there were a gazillion of people that took their kids out for a fun weekend, and I encountered half a dozen people with baby strollers in this tiny place. D: D: D:

The following are most of the photos I took, in the order I took them. My camera had a big problem with the blue light that was used at a lot of the saltwater vendors.





See the gorgeous ryukin?? :heart










These girls sold beautiful homemade aquarium backgrounds, that were made of styrofoam, expanding foam and rocks. Also got my duckweed there.


This fish I loved. I always loved how they look but I have no room for them.







Some of the few show setups and some bettas. I loved the seahorses!






Part two with photos follows in a couple minutes.

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This guy sold these awesome little bowl setups with fire shrimp. If I had enough money on me (the bowl was only $ 3 but each shrimp was about $ 4 and the plants were $ 5 - $ 10 each) I would have totally gotten one












This discus looked amazing.


So did this


And this stingray was awesome too



This is the yellow long finned BN I couldn't get :(



And here are my plants in their bags and in the 10g tub for QT



Last but not least, the ryukin. The only video I took :heart

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Oooh, very nice. We went to a Fish club show in Raleigh, NC a couple years back and it was almost completely all saltwater and nothing goldfish related. Disappointed, but still fun. :)

That ryukin was gorgeous!!

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What do you mean about fantastic being a cess pool? I've not heard about them.

They are a non chain LFS in Charlotte, NC. They are a BIG store and have a massive saltwater department, carrying many rarities in salt and freshwater. The problem is though that their freshwater fish care really sucks butt. They are constantly ill; ich, sores, anchorworms, fin rot (I've seen angelfish for sale, with 75% of their fins rotted off and some fuzzy stuff growing on them), cotton mouth, popeye, dropsy, etc.

I hate this because they have amazing goldfish. This little ryukin wasn't even that great compared to the other goldfish they usually have, but probably the healthiest looking one...

Sometimes they have huge ryukins for $ 100. And I mean they are the size of a tennis ball, show quality. Kirin ranchus, panda orandas, midnight shubunkins. Even their small, cheaper goldfish ($ 5 - $ 20 range) are gorgeous. Ranchus, fantails, ryukins, butterfly telescopes, crown pearlscales, celestials, the most beautiful calico bubble eyes... But there are always sick and even dead/dying fish in their tanks. It's so sad and upsetting and disgusting. Again, not just the goldfish, but all the freshwater fish.

If I ever get a fish there for some reason, I would probably QT it for half a year.

That ryukin needs a bigger bag!! :o:rofl

That's what I was thinking too. Of course the really expensive fish, even smaller than the ryukin, had significantly larger bags at that table. But again, that's Fintatic's awesome care.

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It is. :( I've complained a few times but the last time I got a kind of snotty response back about how I must have special luck that I'm always only walking in when they just got a shipment of ill fish...

Funny though that the same fish were there the last time I went, and they were not ill yet. :rolleyes: The longer they are at the store, the more sick they are.

I like going there though because they are a specialty store and have a lot of useful stuff in 30min driving distance from me. Saki Hikari, Prazi Pro, Seachem Metro powder, KanaPlex, gh/kh test kits, O2 tests etc etc. Pretty much anything you could need for fish keeping is available and they will even do special orders on supplies, food and fish.

Again, it is a shame that with all they do and care for their saltwater department amazingly, and carry all these wonderful things, that they do not seem to care much for the - compared to the marine fish - cheaper freshwater fish. :(

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