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the cursed tank strikes-again

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So, i wanted to post here, dont know how many of you rember me-i havent been on in a LONG time,

a few years ago i bought a used 80 gallons, it had a leak i reparedi t, it got a leak i repared it, it got a leak i reparied it, my goldies all got dropsy and died, i bleached it, got mroe goldies that died, i bleached it, got 2 commons, one died, i bleached it. one survived and i sent it to a freind who has a HUGE pond and i didnt want to keep him all alone in an 80 gallon.

i WAS going to get 2 more fancies once i found the ones that made my heart go pitter patter- i couldnt find any, so i decided i wanted to start up a green water tub to put guppies in in the spring and remove and bring inside in the winter- i started too alte on the tub so i put them all in my 80 gallon-and ervy single one died overnight. tested the water prams-perfect.

so i began dissembling the tank and spotted a bunch of black spots in my sand along the bottom-the sand itself had turned black like coal- im assuming its due to some sort of chemical reaction in the water- i dont know, dont really care at this point.

not much point ot this post other then for me to rant about my annoyence of this cursed tank. i really have no idea if i want to junk the sand-bleach everything and start over or not.

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I don't know what the issue is there but my vote is to take a sledge hammer to it! That is an absolute nightmare! Blast that thing and find a new tank! There could potentially be chemicals in the glass like lead depending on how old the glass is. There are tons of awesome tanks on craigslist right now.

Use the cursed tank to hold old blankets or something :) Good luck! That really sucks.

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Um, yeah . . . I would get rid of that tank too.

There is something really off with it. With all the repairs maybe something got sealed in and keeps seeping out. All the bleach should have killed anything bad so whatever it is, it's not affected by bleach. Makes me think it's chemical.

Hit craigslist and find something new. In two or three months something at a good price will show up. They always do.

Just be sure to test the tank for leaks first and ask why they are getting rid of the tank.

Good Luck!

A second thought...

Can you tell us more about it? Do you have covers on it (glass, wood canopy). Have you always used the same filters or different ones? What type of lighting? Is it planted? Do you use any chemiclas in the tank (ferts, carbon, others)? How do you clean the glass, inside and out? What room of the house is it in? Do you use any airbone stuff in your house (candles, sprays, cleaners, bug spray)? Does direct lighting hit the tank (sun, room light)? Do you have a thermomiter on the tank? What type of soap do you wash your hands with before touching tank stuff?

I'm jus throwing out thoughts, it may not be the tank at all but something else in the environment affecting the tank besides water quality. We may notice something you've over looked. Please tell us as much as you can. Maybe we can figure this out.


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