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My Ryukin - Earl

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This is Earl (he came with his name). I purchased him from my LFS two days ago. I recently set up a goldfish tank. It's been awhile since I've had a goldie tank so I'm very excited to share pictures. He is a Ryukin. He also came with a friend, a Calico Oranda (I will get a pic of him later). They are the only two fish in my new tank. My tank is a glass 112 gallon. Currently it is bare-bottomed but I might change that. I'm thinking about using the Eco-Complete Cichlid substrate for the bottom because of it's pH buffering qualities. Right now I'm filtering with an Emperor 400. One of the empty boxes contains Seachem De-Nitrate chips. The other empty box is full of Seachem PhosGuard. I also have a SeaChem Purigen sock in the filter box. Two 'E' filter cartridges. I know that I'm under-filtering at this point but I haven't decided on the canister that I'm going to install yet. I'm thinking about a Magnum 350 HOB and an Eheim Canister.

Any information or ideas and suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated it. Like I said it's been awhile since I've had a goldfish tank so I feel like a newbie again!!!



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