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A little surprise...!


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Hi guys...

Well I literally just came in from a 6am shift and before I even took my coat off I went straight to my babies to feed them, as I didn't have time to do it before I went to work. I put the repashy in when I noticed lots of tiny beige coloured round things surrounding Pickles. My thoughts were, in the folloring order...

1- This is a strange batch of repashy :hmm

2- Where are they coming from

3- What's wrong with Pickles poop? :wacko:

4- OMG eggs!!!

5- YAY I will have baby Googs!!!!! oh no... wait....

My behaviour after this was a bit hap-hazard as I have had a serious lack of caffiene today and I'm super tired.

I remembered they need to be fertilized for babies so I popped Googles on Pickle's side of the divider. Picks was still laying eggs but I don't think poor Googs was able to do his thing (whatever that is with fish.. I have much to learn :P)

so I seperated them again. Then I saw Picks eating her eggs so in a slight panic II popped her in a container of water. Then I thought Googles would have a better chance in a more confined area so I put him in there too. Nothing happened so I put them both back. I am now left with some eggs in a container and Pickles is eating the rest in her side of the tank.

I doubt they are 'living' eggs, what do you think?

I really didn't think Pickles was a girl! Especially with all the dominant behaviour.

Also, I thought she was a baby?? :krazy:

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Dominant behavior is not gender related. Think of it more like there's normally always one on top.

The male pushes the eggs out of the female and releases milt. I believe this is scent or hormonal related. If you were watching them and didn't see and chasing or milt released (the protein in the milt causes the water to foam and get cloudy) then they are likely not to be viable. If you don't see eye specks in 36 hrs and they are opaque, throw them out as they will just be unfertilized and possibly fungus covered.

Next storm if everyone is feeling well, temporarily remove the divider and see if they chase if you want eggs. :)

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Thank you for the info :) Maybe I should have left him in there with her for longer! I'd love so much to have baby Googles :wub:

I wonder what teles and chus look like...

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Thanks! Just a few more questions...

What's a spawning mop and should I have it in the tank all the time just in case?

How old do goldfish need to be before they lay eggs?

Can they lay eggs without a male present?

I'm just wondering if Googs is giving out any hormones to make Pickles lay eggs or whether females do this anyway.

I've never had a lady fish and I'm very excited :D

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