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Goldfish Fry - Another Single Fry


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I'm in love! Let me know when I should buy a big tank, just for him! :D


Day 2 on the bottom is fine. You see that he still has a little bit of reserves left in the yolk sack. As soon as that is gone, he will start moving around some, looking for food :)

I love the top view photo, there he looks like a teles LOL

good. I put I tiny pinch of repashy spawn and grow just now, just in case he decides to get up in the night. I thought the top view looked like a tele too! :P

Well, theoretically there are (slim) chances of him being a tele. After all, most of these fish have pretty much all sort of breed-genes in their system. That would be funny though!

That is so neat! :D

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Alright, we are on day 4 now.

He is definitely moving around, scooting along the bottom. I am so paranoid he is not eating, how the heck can you tell if they are eating!? I am doing twice daily 100% water changes, wiping out the container completely etc. I have been using tweezers to put in tiny amounts of SG and Hikari first bites, along with baby brine shrimp. I am so paranoid his little mouth won't be able to fit the brine shrimp or he won't be able to catch them so I figure I can't go wrong with variety :P

He looks like he is trying really hard to swim, but it seems as though his swim bladder isn't developed at all yet because he really can't get much lift before just flopping down to the ground :idont His movement looks exhausting.

In other awesome news I found 3 more fertilized eggs today!!! Hoping they will hatch tomorrow. This is like the 7th or 8th time Edie has dropped eggs! When does it stop? She seems tired, poor girl.








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Great pics! You can normally see the coloured food go through their GI tract. It's apparent of the 'eating' aspect I believe after a week when they start looking more like a fish with a mouth :rofl

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Hey guys, so not good news here.

The single fry died at 6 days - around the same time as the last one.

The other 3 are still alive, but I don't think they are well :( None of them are up and swimming after being hatched for 3-4 days. They are moving a bit, but really still side laying - same behavior as the other two, so I am going to assume these ones won't make it.

This is awfully frustrating. I get so excited but then they die :( I really cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. With the last single fry I used the betta cup and did more frequent water changes than with the first, wiping out the cup well each time.

For these 3 I got a larger critter carrier to keep them in in order to do smaller water changes, wondering if maybe the stress of big water changes was two much for the last two. I also added a little meth blue to this tub.

I don't know :( This is somewhat discouraging. It's like my fish have something wrong with them. None have done anything more than a little bottom scooting and I really don't think they're eating. sigh.

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