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New tank set ups.....goldfish and non-goldfish related


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Okay...due to my crazy hours at work and due to Sharkbait's physical limitations (being short mostly), we found it necessary for the goldfish to no longer live in the 55 gallon tank. It was simply too tall for Deb to clean well...and with my crazy hours at work, I was not always available to help with the cleaning. So....Deb rehomed Mahina...the white Comet....and I rehomed Mrs. Mean....my 8 year old female Convict. We tore down the 29 gallon tank that Mrs. Mean shared with a school of 6 Red Eye Tetras. Moved the 55 gallon into the office/sim room/fish room and the 30 gallon was moved into the bedroom. The 30 gallon is now home to Caldwell and Febber and the 55 is now home to my hodge podge of fish (female Convict, male Blue Acara, 2 male Bolivian Rams, 6 Red Eye Tetras, 7 Giant Danios, 3 Cory cats, 1 Banjo Cat and one Tiger Pekoltia). The goldfish really stand out against the cobalt blue back ground on the 30 and my fish zoo really look great in the larger 55.

I took a video of the new tank set ups and have it posted to Youtube. Here's a link:

I almost got my underwear in the video right at the end....you can just see my nekkid knees...yes, I am walking around the house without pants....it's my day off and I am celebrating by not wearing pants!


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I always love your commentary. :rofl

I must say I will miss Mrs Mean, mainly because I love the name. :teehee

Your community tank looks great! The convict is gorgeous!

Feber and Caldwell look fantastic, as usual. I'm really liking the color change on your "tiger moor". :rofl2

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Your tanks are beautiful, Tim & Dotty! The tropical tank is gorgeous and so alive with activity. If I ever set up a tropical tank, I would want something like that.

Caldwell & Febber are as beautiful as ever. That black/orange coloration is sometimes referred to as Apache. :)

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