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Ghost Shrimp! Help!

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I went to petsmart and bought 2 ghost shrimp. I don't really know anything about them so can you please answer my questions?

Here they are-

What do they eat?

Housing needs-

Is 2 enough?-

Any special care?-

Tank Temp.?-

Are they compatible with my female guppy?-


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What are planning to do with them? It seems like you should have known the answers to your questions before buying them. :yikes

But, they can go in most any tropical tank and they will eat the missed food and some algae in your tank. You don't necessarily have to feed them extra. They could go in a small tank or a bigger tank with other fish if they have a lot of hiding spots. Personally, I would have more than 2. I don't know how social they really are, but mine often are hanging out in groups. But that also depends are where you are keeping them.

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If you have a decent population of fish, they shouldn't need much extra food. Maybe an algae food disc every couple weeks.

Places to hide. More places to hide based on how many fish you have.

From my research a while back they do not need company. A decent sized group will be more visible at feeding time as they collect the detritus if you do not have too much predatory action.

I want to say high 60's to low 80's on temp. They are fairly easy to keep alive but breeding is a different matter. To breed requires brackish water and more work. Take a deep dive thru google if you want to breed them.

The guppy should be fine. They can prey on infant fish if you plan on breeding the guppy. Just remember the basic rule of fish food. If it can fit in their mouths, it will.

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Pretty much everything everyone has said, except that the variety of ghost shrimp available at Petsmart does not need brackish water to breed. I have a colony of them in my betta tank, and have had several babies who have since grown into adults. You do need a somewhat large colony, and a very non-predatory tank to get babies. MOST ghost shrimp are brackish breeders, though.

here's a pic I snapped of a teeny ghost shrimp baby from over the summer! He's on the top of the circular part of the decor, toward the left. That is way zoomed in, the circular part he is standing on is about the diameter of aquarter.


I love the ghost shrimp- they're a ton of fun!

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