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The Melbourne Zoo koi pond


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Yesterday at the zoo I saw the Japanese garden for the first time and it contained a koi pond which I took many photos of, I thought I would share some.

A group of them


A terrible photo of some pretty black and white ones


A turtle!


An orange koi that was rather friendly, he was the easiest to photograph




Size comparison with a duck (He was one of the smaller koi)


A really cool photo!


This made me think of Jaws!


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hahahahah! Jaws.. that really made me laugh!


I would love to see one of these myself :) I'm surprised at how big that little one is compared to the duck! That's a smaller koi?! :rofl

Yeah! Here is a bigger one next to the turtle


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Wow, those are some huge koi! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you

Awesome! Thank you for uploading this. I remember some pretty big ones in ponds at the Palmengarten in Frankfurt when I was a kid. It's great to see koi swimming in these environments.

Thanks, I loved it as well. The only sad thing was that they had no protection from birds and a crow killed one

Wow! Those are great pictures! :D

It always surprises me how big they get.

Thank you!

Lucky you!! That looks like it would have been a blast. Thanks for posting pictures. :)

Thanks, it was really fun! But it drove me crazy hearing everyone commenting on the "big goldfish"!

Ooo, pretty! Thanks for sharing!!

Thank you

WOW Huge Fish :yikes

Some of them were monsters!

Haha jaws I got attckad by a swan before all over a piece of bread they are mean I never ran that fast in my life before :rofl that koi pond is big .

Yeah, we had to move at one point because a swan got out of the water and stood in front of us honking!

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Great pics! Thanks for sharing! :)

Thank you!

Now , I see no reason not to put a few koi in a 10 gallon . .. . :yikes

Wow, those koi are ginormous!!! Thanks for the pics! They are terrific!

Ha! A ten gallon with a few Koi would probably end up with more fish than water! :rofl

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