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No Nitrite.


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I'm just wandering roughly when do your nitrites appear? I haven't gotten to seed my tank (unfortunately) and I added ammonia so the reading was 2.5-3.0ppm, its been about 5 days? I have no nitrite reading whatsoever. :no:

Am I being too impatient? How long roughly do nitrite first appear?

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Cycles differ. They can take anywhere between 4-12 weeks, but I have never had a cycle finish under 6 weeks :) Keeping the tank aerated with an airstone, and keeping a stable temperature are factors which help speed up the cycle a little bit :)

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There are key factors that makes a tank cycle faster....

1 the temp.

2 the ph

3 the kh

4 is there any ammonia nitrites or nitrates in the water your using for water changes.

5 are you using media from another cycled tank.

6 plants do you have live plants.

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wow, guess i been impatient!

temperature is 23C/74F

pH is 8.2

gH, don't have a test kit for hardness....

my tap water is free of ammonia, nitrite and nitrates

I don't have access to a cycled tank

i don't have live plants yet, i figured i add them once the tank is cycled.

do smaller tanks take longer to cycle than big ones? :unsure:

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