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Guest FreedomMac

Please Help! Swim Bladder and now fungus?!?

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Guest FreedomMac

Hello everyone! OK so I basically set up my profile here on Kokos just for help with my situation! Just to warn any of you and I know I might sound like a charity case or a hopeless case or whatever but I'm doing the best I can do, no I can't afford Metromeds or a quarantine tank, water test kits or something like that, but I'm just looking for advice on what I can do, still living within my means! I really do love this site for the kindness of all members and the patient everyone has.

Ok, I don't have a water test kit, I don't know any of my levels, and yes I know this is a crucial step but getting one right now just isnt an option and I dont live in the USA to go to Petsmart to get my water checked! :(

I do think though that my water is fine, at least ok for my fish, I've had my 3/5 of my fish for a year now and there hasn't been any water problems, my filter has plenty of beneficial bacteria and I feel like with this issue, my water isn't the case!

I am overstocked, at the beginning of my fish journey last december I got 2 comets and regret the decision and I'm finding it hard to find a suitable pond for them and my mom suddenly thinks "they have earned their place in the tank, they are staying!" I will have them in the pond soon, it's my mission!

It's a 30 gallon with a black moor, oranda and fantail, and my 2 comets.

So my black moor and oranda are constantly at the surface gulping up air especially after feedings (I do water changes weekly, large ones, I promise!) and I'm wondering WHY do they do this and it really upsets me to see them floating afterwards. My black moor goes upside and has done a headstand once and he is my favourite so I really want the best for him, but all my fish deserve the best care I can provide.

So that is my swim bladder story and I have no idea why they do this, I have an air stone and my filter provides water movement and little bubbles throughout the water, I do water changes, I feed them peas almost every day, (I need to get back into feeding them pre-soaked flakes) They eat the peas then float I just don't get it, peas are supposed to help with swim bladder issues and it doesnt anymore?

Then tonight I noticed on my black moor that he has a white patch around his throat area? Only noticed it tonight, added Fungal & Fin rot medication and will just have to see from there. He has been the subject to fungus before but pulled through and he seems to be the one with the most problems (SBD, fungus) I will attach pictures. With the angle I took the picture it looks raised, it is verrrry slightly, I think I caught it early before it really took shape. Added the medicine, probably have to buy more because it's almost gone. And sorry the quality isn't very good at all :(

Here is the link to my blog for the pics!


And here is the video


I really feel like a train wreck and I'm so sorry to have to do this to my fish and not have the right equipment or space for them but I am trying to do the best I can provide and I feel like that's all I can do. I'm sorry to anyone reading this and probably getting a headache reading this, as more and more problems create.

Overall I feel like my tank is not toxic, the water is pretty good, it is not horrifically overstocked, medicine in, big water change tomorrow (it's late), I'm keeping a close eye even though I feel super stressed out. I mean, school is starting for me on Monday and my fish isn't in tip top condition :(

I'm asking anyone with experience to please give me advice and thank you in advance, like I said I can't give you water parameters or go out and buy something expensive, I dont live in the USA so prices are different! Thank you so much!

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How is your fish doing?

For now, let's just give your fish a 10-20% daily WC, and get back to me about the condition of the white spot on him.

Do you have aquarium salt, or salt that has no additives whatsoever? We will do what we can to help, OK?

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