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Charlie and Sunkist


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Such a gorgeous pair! :D

Thanks for the pics . . . making good use of that new camera.

Well I better for the price I paid :tomuch:

Koko, you are going to have some beautiful babies! :)

If they make it in there :)

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They're so cute together. Charlie has such a beautiful full tail! :D

I have a question, is there a difference between a long-tailed ranchu and an eggfish? Do eggfish not have a wen?

yes and no... the eggfish is a very old line of goldfish and almost impossible to find... but if you do see one most likely it is a longtailed ranch/lionhead mix.... now Sunkist is a Sunkin not a egg fish at all. She wa breed by Steve from Raingarden. This is the closest I would be able to find to an eggfish now adays :)

so beautiful :heart

thank you hun.. I just love them both :heart

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They are so beautiful! I love Charlie's tail!

Oh Koko :wub: they are the cutest little (or in charlie's case... big) things I have ever seen! They're adorable tank mates! :heart

Thank you both and thanks to the Mods for such a wonderful xmas gift :)

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They look great Koko. Charlie has fins for days!

Yeah he does, I check everyday to make sure nothing hurts them :)

Beautiful pictures Koko.

Thank you :)

I love the fish without dorsal fin so much!

Me to, so you cant have her :rofl:lol3

They are so beautiful, Koko, and obviously have taken quite a liking to each other! :)

you think :lol3 yea they do :)

These two are so gorgeous together :)

Thank you hun :)

So gorgeous!!!! :heart :heart

Thanks hun

Your fish are lovely and I really like the plants tied to the river rocks.

They are acctually glued down... all those seperate plants are actually from the same plant and I have had it since the time I had my fish Pharoh. so they are about 7- 8 years old now :)

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