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A single baby


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Yeah, duckweed won't last long in a goldfish tank. You'll have to keep it separate and move some to the gf tank as snacks :)

I found that out the hard way lol! I was excited because my Ryukin hated it. He would gulp some, then spit them all out again. I thought I got off easy, but the morning after I had gotten it I went to check on my fish and my moor was at the top gulping them down.. I had the top nearly completely covered, and she ate 3/4 over night!

I know, they can eat A LOT of it. It's completely ridiculous, but also very healthy for them, which is why it is beneficial to grow and feed it :)

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Thanks! I love his cute little tail too. It looks just like his mommie's tail, more a wide/flat, fan-shaped tail. :)

Daddy's tail is more tall, and when viewed from above much more narrow.

I'm trying to look into finding other sources for live food for these guys. It would be great if I'd find daphnia locally, or a daphnia starter kit. Or tubifex, or both etc. I'd love "growing" stuff like that myself :D

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Little Norm has grown a lot since he moved into the tub! Little Eve seems to grow much slower, but maybe she will pick up too. I haven't fed Norm since yesterday morning and he is still having a big full belly and poops a lot. So apparently there is plenty of food among the floating plants :D Good to know, so I am now less worried about feeding them while I am at work all day long :)

Look at how darn cute he is now :heart

And sorry about the neighborhood dogs barking their heads off near the end of the video :rofl

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Norm is HUGE! :D:clapping:

My one piece of duckweed didn't make it, and I can't figure out why. Floated it in a beta cup, in the main tank, but it eventually went fuzzy. Boo.

ooh he is so cute :heart

Daww, he's adorable. You can see his little wiggles much more clearly.

AWE!!!!! He is such a cute little wiggler!!!!!

Thanks, you guys! He is such a cutie! I wonder when he is going to start getting any kind of "coloring". My single tail fry started to show either calico base or metallic golden at the same age he is now. The most likely coloration probably will be orange, but that is just perfectly fine to me. I love orange goldfish :D

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Can't go wrong with orange.

He has such a smooth back already! He's gonna grow up to be such a stunner c:

Very true! Orange goldfish are just as gorgeous as others :)

I think there is a tiny kink in his back, similar to Banana's, but it's really no big deal. As long as he is healthy, I am happy :heart

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He is adorable! I love how active he is :wub:

that has got to be the cutest fishy ever :D

SOOOOOOOOO adorable! :heart:

He's getting so big! :D

Fang, you have the awesome magic touch. Even with just one fry, you succeed! :D


He is soooooo cute!!!!!! :DDDDDDD

He's just so stinking cute!!

Aww you guys are making Norm shy! :rofl

Thanks Alex! :) :)

Actually there's two fry (although separated since the younger one is significantly smaller even with only 10 days or so age difference) - but they are both doing very well :)

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