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Change Will Do You Good! :D


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Nine months is not a whole lot of time, but look at what it can do to a goldfish! :D

This is Hyperion, in late March of this year.




This is Hyperion today. You can see he's changed a tiny bit :P:tomuch:







And here I am, trying to use my camera's post-processing :rofl


Thank you for looking! :)

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WOW! The color change was enough to turn heads in the first place, but his whole body changed too! He got quite a hump in 9 months! That's amazing :D

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Pick one of the smart :fbottom: replies below:

A) But only a little

B) I believe you secretly bought a new fish and are trying to tell us it's the same guy


I choose B!

All I can say is WOW! That fish needs to be in my tank like now!!!!

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Wow , I thought he would have changed at least a little :lol

I know, right? Too soon for a before and after at this point, huh? :rofl

Wow, and what a change it is! He's beautiful Alex. :D

Thank you! :)

How much bigger is he? Just curious since we have nothing to reference the size to. He looks like he has grown a lot!

I would say that he has grown at least 2.5x-3x his standard length (1 inch to about 2.5-3 inches now), and I can't even tell you much much he's bulked up size and weight wise. It's quite a bit, thanks to Pro-Gold. :)

He looks huge!!! Do you know his current weight vs his incoming weight?

I don't actually. I wish I had weighed him before.

He is pretty big, but he is probably still half my panda's weight :o

Oh wow! He is gorgeous Alex!

Thank you very much! :)

What a locely change :P

Thank you :)

sorry, i don't notice the difference.. can we have more pics please? :P


Hehe. I know, the changes are very subtle! :rofl

Ooh he looks beautiful! I loved his colouring when you got him but he looks so nice now :D

Thank you. He started out as a tri-color, but lost all his black after about 3 months or so. :)

He is gorgeous!!!

I LOLed so hard at that second last picture and your description..... :rofl :rofl

Thank you, Haley! :rofl

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