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Goldfish Show, Orlando, FL March 8-10, 2013

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Central Florida Koi Show and Goldfish Show – Goldfish Show Information

The Central Florida Koi Show and Goldfish Show will be hosting its 16th annual Koi Show and 1st Goldfish Show in Orlando!

When: March 8-10, 2013

Where: In Orlando on International Drive -

Address: 6515 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

Hotel Reservations must be in by February 7th for reduced show rate: Phone: 407-351-3500 The hotel will waive the additional daily “resort fee” for “show rate” guests.

The Goldfish Show will be held in conjunction with the CFKS Koi Show. There will be seminars, vendors, a Saturday night banquet, and multiple opportunities for hobbyists to make new friends and socialize with old friends.

Your Goldfish Show Committee plans to make this an enjoyable as well as educational experience for our attendees and visitors. Your show committee would like to put on an exceptional goldfish show in keeping with the high standards of the CFKS. We will endeavor to provide for the needs of our exhibitors and make this show a delight. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements, suggestions and desires.

We would like for some of our exhibitors to help out by being available to volunteer for an hour or so to answer questions from our public visitors. A signup sheet will be available at the show. If our goldfish exhibitors would like space to meet as a group, this can be arranged.

Advance notices of your estimated tank requirements would be greatly appreciated to insure we provide enough tanks.

We look forward to working with you to provide an exceptional Goldfish experience in Orlando! Please join us!

Goldfish Show Committee

Richard Porter - Chair

Karen Hardcastle - Registration

John Sprinkle – Awards, Setup, Breakdown

Rob Forbis and Joe White - Water Quality

Bart Atkinson, Gary Elmore, Karl Schoeler - Setup, Breakdown, Benching

Don Hellard – Show Engineer

Central Florida Koi Show and Goldfish Show – Goldfish Show Rules

1. This show is only open to goldfish hobbyists. All fish shown must be the personal and private property of the registrant. This is a hobbyist show; therefore, the entrant cannot be a goldfish professional. For purposes of this show, the definition of a goldfish professional is one who derives income from selling goldfish. Entrants cannot be an immediate relative of a goldfish dealer, an employee of a goldfish dealer, or an agent of a goldfish dealer.

2. The goldfish owner must attend the show and sign the Goldfish Registration Form.

3. Fish should be entered for the show between 2:00 and 5:00 PM on the Friday, March 8,2013, prior to judging on Saturday morning. Plans for late entry of fish must be confirmed with the Goldfish Show Chairman or designate, prior to the show. Registration from 7:30 to 8:30 am Saturday March 9, 2013, is only with prior arrangement with the Goldfish Show Chairman. We wish to be able to accommodate all exhibitors but advance planning will be necessary for late entries. The Show Chairman will retain the right to deny entry to the show due to late registration.

4. Please plan on 2 - 4 small to medium goldfish per aquarium. With larger goldfish, please plan on 1-2 per aquarium.

5. Measurement of goldfish: This will be determined by the total length of the body, from the tip of the nose to the start of the tail.

6. Goldfish Identification: Goldfish are identified by aquarium assignment at the time of fish entry. All goldfish will be measured at check-in and put into proper class and length by the goldfish committee. The owner of the fish is encouraged to consult with the goldfish committee on benching. The decision on final fish placement is ultimately at the discretion of the Goldfish Judge.

7. Fish will be housed in show tanks at the discretion of the Goldfish Show Chairman. If it is determined that the fish load in any one tank is too great, the Goldfish Show Chairman will arrange to have fish transferred to another aquarium. If you will require a tank size greater than 20 gallons, it may be possible to bring your own tank or make other special arrangements with the Goldfish Show Committee prior to the show.

8. For the health of your fish, it is encouraged that your fish be fasted for several days prior to transport to the show.

9. We encourage each exhibitor to show a minimum of three fish. Fee for goldfish will be $5 per fish. There will be a minimum tank charge of $10 per tank for those choosing to exhibit only one fish per tank. PRE-REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY with a reservation fee of $10 per tank. The Goldfish Tank Reservation Fee should be postmarked no later than February 25th. Checks should be made payable to CFKS or Central Florida Koi Show and sent with the registration form to: Central Florida Koi Show c/o Henry Culpepper, 2054 Kensington Run Drive, Orlando, Florida 32828. Early registration is encouraged to insure availability of a tank. Final paperwork and any financial transactions can be completed at the registration area of the show.

10. An individual photo of each fish is needed for benching. Digital photos will be taken at no charge.

11. The Goldfish Committee wishes to provide an adequate number of tanks and equipment to accommodate those wishing to exhibit. It is essential to know your needs prior to the show. Please email Richard Porter at richardporter@koisociety.org with the following information: (1) The number of 20 gallon goldfish aquariums you will need and (2) the estimated number of goldfish you will be bringing.

12. Fish will be on display for the duration of the show, with removal on Sunday afternoon. All fish must be claimed and removed no later than 3:00 pm Sunday to facilitate show “breakdown”. CFKS &GS will not be responsible for fish not removed by this time. Fish are not to be removed without authorization of a show official.

13. Any contingencies not covered in these rules will be subject to the decision of the Goldfish Chairman.

14. Winners will be announced at the Awards Banquet Saturday evening. Proper show etiquette encourages trophy recipients and awards sponsors to attended the awards banquet.

15. The following categories of goldfish will be recognized:

Each Catagory with Young (< 3 inches) and Mature (>3 inches)


Ryukin (Short tail)



(side view)

Pond varieties

All Single-tailed


Special Varieties






All varieties not listed specifically

Topview (all varieties)

In the event there are a larger than expected number of entries in a given variety, the Goldfish Show Committee may add an additional category as may be appropriate.

Awards for Open Goldfish Competition

Grand Champion

Reserve Champion

Young Champion (under 3")

Best in Size (over 3" and under 3")

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Novice Award

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