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Angel tank


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Day before water change so not the best pictures. Water is a little brown. This well get less and less the longer the tank is set up.

I also found one of my guppies had passed away. So I did a count and looks like in the past two weeks I have lost 3. I still have five and they all look great. I have no idea how old those were since I got them from my friend.

Also their is flood in the tank. Only way to get some of them out of hiding in the plants.






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Those fish are amazing!! Your posts always make me want angelfish and oscars. I'm a few years away form oscars, but I have been looking for the perfect angle. Thanks for sharing. :)

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The angels have been together since small. They are a pair I think. They have never laid eggs. They lock jaws a good bit. (Kiss) But never go after each others fins or anything like that.

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