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Bentley's New Photoshoot ;)

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he is so very handsome :) I love the crispness to your shots :)

Why thank you! :) I'll be upgrading my camera within the next couple of months, hopefully the quality will improve a little more! :)

He looks great! :clapping:

Thank you very much :D:heart

Very handsome! :D

Awww thanks Alex! :) He's my little goldfish stud muffin :rofl

A very fine looking fish. :heart

He lives up to the quality of his namesake! :D

Ahaha thank you! :) I hope so! Bentleys are FINE cars! :heart

Handsome fishy.

Thank you kindly! :D

Very photogenic and dare I say studly! I still can't get over those fins and that slope of his head.

Awww :) thanks! I do like his shape a lot, I think I already see a faint hump in his back, I'm hoping he really is a long tail Ryukin! :D

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Laura that top pic has Pic of the Week written all over it!!

He is such a gorgeous fish! I :heart him already! :D

Thank you Lisa! :) I've already entered a picture of Bentley in for next week's voting :) We'll see if he might be able to contend with the big boys this week!!! :heart

Awww! :hug

Wow, what great photos! Nice looking fish. :)

Thank you very much hun! :)

Very nice pics . Bent,y looks like quite the fish :thumb:

Thank you bunches :D :D I'm attached to this little guy already!

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awesome fish ahha How did you get such great quality photos? I can never seem to focus on them cause theyre constantly moving haha

I'm actually writing a article now to post on Koko's! A lot of people have been asking me this! :) And Aww thank you! Bentley is really active, I have a hard time photographing him too sometimes! :)

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