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Plants for sale: anubias package and flame moss


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I am doing some replanting in my tank again and need to get rid of some excess plants.

Anubias Package includes:

- 8 small anubias

- 2 large anubias (frazeri) measuring about 8-10 inches in height - plus 2 smaller frazeri rhizomes that are just starting to get new leaves

- 1 small lace java fern (about 4 inches in height)

Some of the larger anubias have leaves going in slightly funky directions and will require a little retraining (they have been floating in my tank, so I think the leaves are reaching to the light source and got a little bendy)

$25.00 takes the package! (12 dollars for shipping, 13 dollars for 11 plants)


I also have 3 somewhat larger than golf ball size portions (see pic below) of flame moss I'd like to go to a good home. $8.00 a portion (5 dollars for shipping, 3 dollars for the moss) $14.00 if you want all 3 portions, or add a portion for $3.00 to the package listed above.

Flame moss is pretty awesome. I keep mine tied to a piece of driftwood (just wrap fishing line around it and it will begin to grow upward). I find it does best in an area of the tank with good water movement so I keep mine directly under the spray bar.


You can see the flame moss in the back right corner of my tank


Let me know if you're interested :D (payment will need to be paypal)

If you have any questions about any of the plants or want better pics just let me know.

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Mwahahaha :P

I'm doing some experimental gardening in my tank - playing around with some carpeting plants. I'll give a full reveal at some point if it works out and once things start to fill in a bit ;)

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