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Pro Gold

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Pro Gold also clouded my tank when I overfed (which is a terrible habit cause I want my fish to be fatter than me so I will look thinner when I stand beside their tank) (ps: that is a secret so don't share it with anyone else). Now I feed them just enough for each to get a few pieces and no more cloudiness.

Silly Goose dont over feed them :wa

I feed my babies about three meals a day with the progold... this way they dont have any food left to cloud the tank..

Welcome back Dude!

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New Life Spectrum is really awesome! I haven't tried it for Goldfish, tho. I went to Petco and saw Panda Platies...got them. Plus regular freshwater/tropical NLS. I saw one for Goldfish! But didn't have enough money on me. Then about a week or so ago, I went to Wet Pets for something and use my gift card, they didn't have NLS for Goldfish then I saw Bluey. Used up my $50 gift card plus $20 cash and mom put in $15 to cover the purchases. Only had $5 left, not enough to get it at Petco. Then stopped by a local club member's house (which happened to live a few doors from an aunt) to get the giant plant. *sighs* But I'm sure to get NLS in 10 days if I can go out to Petco. I would definitely recommend it.

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