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Too many eggs!


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I hope I'm posting this in the right section, but here it goes!

My moor Dexy has egged twice in two weeks since I started feeding Repasy :yikes . The little girl and boy are in two separate tanks for the time being (the 55 is establishing :D) so the eggs aren't fertilized. I'm hoping one day I can have some fry though.. I'll have to take that up with other fish parent first though lol!

So, in short I have two questions:

One: How long will this egging last? It looks really uncomfortable... She swims around frantically trying to get them out

Two: What is the best way to clean the eggs? We had a heck of a time cleaning all of those sticky eggs last time :krazy:

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I think the most I've had of the egg laying was 3 times. So, I think you are almost done, if not already.

Let the fish eat as much of eat as possible, and scrape off the rest. :)

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