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A Koko's Baby!


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What a little DOLL! Precious baby--you must be a proud mama. :)

Lindsey is probably the one who should be proud... I haven't really done any mama-ing yet. :)

Very pretty fish!! And to know that it's a kokos baby makes it even more special! :heart

I do love the Koko's babies. Half of my fish are from Koko's members!

How did I miss this topic! What a cute little fish, I love the "red cheeks" :)

Thanks Fang!

very pretty :wub:

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Thank you very much!

Hi former roomie! Congrats on the new beauties! They are lucky fishies to be in your care!

Hi Nancy! Glad to see you pokin' your head back in here. Come visit my fishies sometime. :D

Oooh I am so happy you got it!!! What an adorable little fish :)

I'm happy too! :happydance Thanks for the kind words!

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He is so pretty! Congrats!

Thank you!

YAY!! I am so happy! Yes im sure the olive garden parking lot fish deal was a first! :lol:

Im glad that shes fitting in well! Its nice that i can get on here and see how she is! She is for sure gorgeous! And yes there are 16 more babies left!

I am sure I will post lots of pictures so you can keep up to date! 16 is better than 22... I think that was the original count, right?

Very pretty fish! Love the lemony yellow color too. :)

I love the color also! I am exciting to see how it develops over time!

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