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Telescope eye trauma or sickness or both?

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if the eye has healed and you are happy with that and the wound is no longer open, then you can quit the melafix. i would like you to reduce the salt to 0.1% and continue that for 2 days. do you have a cycled filter in the tank?

if you do, then after you remove the melafix (please arrange a 100% wc for this or 2 x 60% WC's) and you only have the 0.1% salt in there, then you can go without the water change for the two days.

after the two days of 0.1% salt, i would like you to then remove the salt (please arrange a 100% wc for this or 2 x 60% WC's) but keep the fish in QT for another 3-4 days. once you get to the end of that treatment plan, please post back with pictures and a short video so we can reassess. ok?

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Guys. My ranchu with the back sore has the exact same back sore after less than two weeks, and my telescope has the bumps on her tail again. This time they look worse. Red streaks are back on the fins worse than last time, too. Obviously something is not right in my tank. My 75 gallon tank. How do I go about salting or treating a 75 gallon tank?

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