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My first boy


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Snatched this one up at Walmart last night. I usually refuse to buy fish there, but Steven and I had went to WM on Thanksgiving night to make fun of all the people waiting for Black Friday stuff, when I saw this guy and really loved his coloring (around here even at the LFS I rarely ever see yellow bettas).

Yesterday wen went back to get non-fish stuff, but then I decided to pick this little guy up.

He currently is in the empty 2.5g QT and will move into the planted 5g when QT is over. Still need a name for him though.

In the cup last night






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Wow! He is really pretty! Congratulations!

Thanks, Molly!

He's gorgeous! In the pics his fins looks more orangey and his body looks more yellow. Is that what he looks like? The color is fantastic! And his fins are awesome.

What a find! :)

Yep, that's what got me too! His body is yellow, and the fins are some sort of dark apricot color. His eyes are brown and green, it looks so nice! :)

oh I love me a crownie and he is just Gorgeous :) congrats on the new guy :)

Thanks, Shelly! I am looking forward to see how he develops. He really is quite small still :)

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Awww what a lovely crowntail!! I love this colour!

Thank you! I always liked crowntails :)

Ooo, he's a pretty color! I love his eyes too. :clapping:

Thanks, Shawn! I want to post a video in a little to show his color off a bit better :)

He's gorgeous! He looks like a sunset

Thank you! I wondered what his coloration is called :)

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Aw, he's very pretty and spunky looking at the same time, Fang! You always pick very unique and great looking fish!

Awww thank you! You are too sweet! I originally thought about "replacing" Donna Noble (yes, I had to put her down because of the "growth" - which was really weird looking because it was CLEAR like liquid filled) with another female, but then I cam across this guy.

That Walmart had HORRID conditions in the betta section on Thanksgiving evening. I had even taken photos which I emailed and complained to corporate, as in another cup some idiot had poured the contents of a cup with a DEAD betta in with a live one. You could tell because this cup held twice as much water as all the others, was ultra filthy, and had a very dead betta in it with a live one.

That night I was temporarily considering buying the live one that was still in there, but under closer examination he looked like he had either fungus or columnaris. I felt bad leaving him behind, but I didn't want to go and intentionally buy a sick fish.

A while ago at Petsmart they had this gorgeous "regular" male, that was all... mustard-y yellow. I really liked him but had no room. I did check Petsmart late on Friday, but the yellow one was already gone or I would have bought him, so that was my cue to go back to Wally World for this guy :)

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Wow Fang,

that is one beautiful crowntail you got there................he is so lucky you took him home !!...................WTG.................... :clapping:

Thanks, Dottie! As said, I usually refuse to buy fish at Wally World (although they have such beautiful singletails, and you know how much I love them!!), but he really got me. Especially after I saw that horrid view of a dead and a live one together in one cup, and him having this neat coloring. I really did not want him to end up dying at a Wally World.

Of course I can not save all of them, but this one really got my attention :D

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In the first pic..........he looks like "Mr. Grumpy Gills"..................lol

Well I guess he wasn't very happy in his Walmart cup :lol

He is very pretty! Mucho jealous! I've never seen a betta like that before. All creamy and orange <3

Thanks a lot! Yeah, he kind of looks like ice cream! Mmmmhh....

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