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Fry with issues


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Everybody in order of youngest to oldest =D



If you can even see them I'm impressed.

Still tiny but a little older


Middle ground


Bill and Cannibal








Cannibal getting down with his bad self =p He's grown so much since he's joined Bill.



Enjoy =D If anyone wants some baby commons here in a few months... lemme know. I've got a bunch to spare!

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Ohhhhh! My little sonny is getting too big! :( I just wish babies would stay babies. I was sitting there with my nose to the phone and I can't see a dang thing in the first pic.

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They honestly may not show up in that picture haha I can't even see them. They're the smallest ones I've had hatch so far. It's sort of cool though because I have them at all stages right now. Invisible, barely visible, pink and white, and grey with scales developing. It's fun to notice the behaviors develop in each fish too.

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But but... you only get him if I die... and if I die... who gets to care for my other hundred or so babies?

Ummmmm well I'm not up to mass murder so I guess your safe for now :rofl I'm not babysitting all those brats :tomuch:

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Some pictures of the recently turned orange Little Bill! As well, Cannibal has been renamed! My boyfriend will be taking him home soon and figured he deserved a more friendly name than Cannibal. Sooo... I present Lucas. =) Also a few pictures of the little guys. No midranger pictures tonight just cause their lights are out for the night. Maybe some of them tomorrow. They're HUGE! Anyway, Bill and Lucas and some ittybitties.

I apologize for any poo shots. They are always going these days =/







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He is amazing! I love watching him. He's grown so much and is finally a little goldfish instead of a see through line and dots =p I loveeee him sooooooo much!

I have 46 babies including Bill and Lucas. I unfortunately lost a lot of them around Christmas due to the loss of my friend, Derek and being to depressed to move much less keep up with babies. However, the 46 I have are doing amazing! I love them all and wish I could just keep them forever.

Also, the parents spawned again last night. I couldn't keep any of them though. Bye bye, babies =(

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