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Fry with issues


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Newbies =)


Midrange Babies =)


And what you've all been waiting for. Bill =)









Update on feeding =)

So, Bill is starting to grow up on us a little bit. He tried repashy soilent green the other night and took to it a lot =) Now his diet is a meal of brine shrimp and the next meal is repashy and soon the man may even know progold.

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Look at all your babies! I hope you'll get store credit for all the fry you'll be giving them. The way your fish spawn, you could buy a new thousand gallon tank in no time!

How many fry do you think you're up to now?

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I have a few hundred. No joke. I'm considering putting them in my unused bathtub. I just worry they'd accidentally get lost down the drain. =/ As it stands, the store will give me some money and he said if any turn out to be fantails I'll get more money. Pretty psyched about that but I'll miss the little ones.

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Just for a little update =)

The newest babies are now free swimming, eating furiously, and in the tub the midrange babies were in!

The midrange babies are now in a 62L tub and loving it. With the exception of Cannibal, the guy with the eatin' issues he is in a detention cell by himself.

Everyone is eating baby brine shrimp with the exception of Bill in the 2.5G alone eating a mix of repashy soilent green and baby brine shrimp.

Bill is kickin' it and getting bigger every minute it seems! It seems like just yesterday the stork dropped him off =) love that little guy!

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Surprise, surprise! I take the salt out of the water and what do my goldies do? Make some babies =D I only kept a few eggs. I can't keep up with them all anymore. =/ I feel like a baby killer but I've kept so many I think it'll be alright with the fishy gods. Bill has more bro's and sis's

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