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My two little impulse buys are getting so big! Sharkie's back is already beginning to smooth out and orange peel is growing super fast. Sorry about some of grain and funky lighting. There isn't a light over this tank yet and despite my best efforts some tannins are still leaching from the diftwood.




they literally never leave each others sides


Sharkie's derpy dorsal.


Another side shot of orange peel who is still wary of me, makes it hard to take pictures!


"have you brought a offering of food?"


Look at her kinky back smoothing out! Still unsure of what she's crossed with, although since putting on a little weight she looks a tad more ranchu-ish.


"Not sure if I like you"

And of course it wouldn't be a post without Kai! She has gotten taller yet again, especially compared to the picture in my sig.


above shot! She'd look so lovely in a pond.


Her head is slowly merging into her body more :rofl





Thanks for looking! c:

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They look great! I really love Orange Peel, what a unique little guy (and you know I love me those single tails :D )

I have noticed that in my experience new/young single tails seem to be more wary of people or changes than fancies. Like my "babies" will still freak out when the filter is off, and all huddle scared in one corner of the tank, or freak when I stick my hand in the tank. The fancies seem more chillaxed. I wonder if this has to do with the single tails being more "natural" while fancies are a bit more hurrdurrohlookahuman :crazy:

Sharkie reminds me a bit of a ryukin, with that face. I wonder if he's a ryukin x chu/lionhead.

Either way, all of them are ultra adorable!

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