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Now that I switched from a high veggie to a higher protein diet (a lot more blood worms in addition to gel food, pellets and veggies), this fish is growing like crazy, even though I already have her for like a year and a half or so.

This photo is from five months ago


And this from just now. As you can tell, she grew roughly one inch in the last five months!


She is such a cute fattie!




And this one is kind of cool, really showing the empty eye cavity.

Of course she makes it look like I am choking her LOL


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LOL yeah it looks like I squeezed her to the point that her eye popped off like a button on a too-small blouse :rofl

And yes, more protein definitely helps with growth. Probably should have done that earlier but I tend to stick more with veggies than protein stuff. Whoops! :whistle

Makes me wonder how big Hugo'd be if I had her grow up on more blood worms.

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The wen just needs to come out and everything will be perfect =)

I don't have high hopes for that wen. She cam from Petsmart and except for one, none of my Petsmart wenned fish ever showed much of a wen. But that's ok with me, I love them either way :)

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That last photo is a 'feed me' face if I ever saw one! :P She really did fill out nicely! :)

Thanks a lot! :D

Wow, that is great progress, she is adorable!

Thank you very much! I am actually surprised that a fish of her age can still significantly "improve" :)

aw what a cutie :) that last pic is hilarious :rofl

It is, isn't it? I need to come up with something to photoshop there. :D

Thats a nice growth..

Thank you! :)

Aw...cuteness overload. Banana is growing very well, Fang. Great job! :)

Thanks a lot, Alex! :)

Banana is doing wonderfully in your care :)

Just a quick thought...But I always thought an eye wound would heal over and become scaled over for some reason, Gibbs eye wound doesn't look like a hole that much anymore ;)

You know, I thought I had read that too, that the cavity fills up with new tissue. Her cavity actually looks worse in the photo than it really is, because of the camera flash and shadow, but it is still obvious. It does have a nice thick layer of skin covering the inside of the socket though, so I don't know... oO

That would actually be worth a topic, just out of curiosity!

I love Banana. What a cutie and congrats on the amazing growth. :)

Thanks a lot, Dan! :D

So cute and getting so big! Her back has smoothed out more as well. I really laughed at the last photo :rofl

It sure has, but it might be the angle of the photo as well. She always had this small kink, although it was less obvious when she still had black across her back as baby :)

Wow we got big hun :thumb:

Thanks a lot! I need to buy more bloodworms now LOL

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