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ok it turns out all the bulling behavior was actually spawning. it did stop but started up again ( the reason i got a bigger tank) i was just watching Miles chasing Mingus again and a load of little white balls popped out for him. now i assume this means he is actually a girly fish. what do i do? just leave them to it as i really don't wants lots of tiny fish babies. not now anyway as i don't have time to look after them. i thought she was looking a bit fat! once all the eggs have gone Will he leave her alone?

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yes, just leave them fine dine :rofl

once they've done eating the eggs, if there are any left, you will need to remove them as they begin fouling and that puts your fish at risk of being affected by bacteria. also, don't be surprised if it happens a few more times over the next week. a spawning fish will spray eggs several times before she's done :D

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