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A Little Update on My Nerites


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My two nerites have been doing a pretty good job of eating the algae and diatoms in my tank so far, but in the big picture, they still haven't really made much of a dent! It's been really fun seeing their little bite mark trails all over though, and that tells me they are working away at it. I ended up scrubbing the algae off the front glass for a better view of my fish. Then a week later I scrubbed the algae off the bottom too, since I noticed the snails never really went on the bottom of the tank anyways.

I noticed that the zebra nerite in particular had spent a few days cleaning off the overflow box and then one of the filter outflow pipes. But the second outflow pipe hadn't been discovered by either of the snails yet, so it was just covered in thick diatoms. It was driving me crazy! So finally today I picked up the zebra snail and placed him on the diatom-covered outflow pipe. He got to work right away, and within a few minutes he had already cleared off one corner of it!

I don't actually know if this stuff is diatoms or some sort of algae, or both. :unsure: My light fixture holds 4 light bulbs and only one is still functional. So I also have my light strip from the 55 gallon tank (in storage) on here too, but that is just a wimpy light. Soon I'm going to get 4 new bulbs for my good light fixture, and hopefully then green algae will start to grow instead of this ugly brown stuff.

Anyway, here are some photos of the zebra nerite cleaning the filter outflow pipe!



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I have one of those, FlipsHere. They are basically the same as Sakuras type, just with a different looking shell. oth are great!

I love how you just put it where you wanted it and he went to work! Such clear pic, as usual, Sakura! :heart

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