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New Betta


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My Betta, Dusk, died a few months ago. I've been wanting to get another this whole time but either time or funds didn't allow it. Or I was having problems with another tank that I wanted to get sorted out first. Finally, all the problems are sorted, I've got time and had money! So here is my new boy, Shaun the Third (I've had two goldies named Shaun in the past)

He seems very happy to be out of the jar the store had him in and I had to share him with you guys!




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Thought I'd post some more photos of him :) He loves his new tank so much. (And it took him less than 2 days to learn that in the morning when the light comes on he gets food..whenevver I'm near the tank he rushes to the front now)






Sorry for the water/algae spots on the glass! I need to do some scrubbing I think :P

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