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Some of my favourite Photos


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This is when I first got Honey. She had really nice colours then. Now she is all orange :P


Bamboo When I first got him, Such nice colours then! He is all white now


A few of Cali, she loves the camera


Look how Tiny she was when I got her!


A few of Google when he had both his eyes, he loved the camera then, but since losing his eye he spends most of him time hiding in the plants



A few of Abraham, He has gotten so big! (and lost most of his black!)




And this is one of my all time Favourites. I don't have this fish anymore. She was one of the ones I rehomed when I learned how overstocked my tank was. She was a golden Comet and absolutely loved Playing in bubbles. Her name was Treasure


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Beautiful, I have a panda tele that I named Oreo and he was tiny when I got him, maybe 1 1/2 inches, he is now about 2" and has some light orange on him, his name won't make sense when he changes color but it will still be cute :)

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