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cycling question?

Guest kathrynx

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Guest kathrynx

i am cycling my 30 gallon tank with 2 fancy goldfish (if i had known about cycling, i would have done fishless), and last night, after 7 weeks of waiting, nitrite finally appeared, in an attempt to get the nitrite levels down i did a 40% water change and forgot to add dechlorinater.

this morning my nitrite was at 0 again and my ammonia was really high.

is there any way i can get my cycle back on track or does this mean i have to start again?

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Hey Kathryn, sorry to hear this! cycling is a real pain :[

Do you know anybody with a healthy tank that you could steal some cycled media from? This would make your cycle much quicker, if not instant. Itd have to be somebody near you though as it will only survive a few hours in transit, submerged in tank water (I think Sakura recently posted a video about how she moved her tank, cycle included, across a three hour journey).

Just a thought as I can see you are new and may not know about seeding new filters etc.

(Id offer to send you some myself but im not in your area and there is zero chance of the BBs making it to you alive via the post)

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