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new lights = photo shoot :)


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hi everyone...it hasn't been too long since my last update but I just received my new light fixture, the aquatic life t5 HO and I am AMAZED at how wonderful it makes my tank/fish look! Of course I lost one of the little screws for the legs immediately after opening so I'm going to have to figure that out, it's just resting on the glass for now.

here are a couple of photos of my oranda's :)


Otis bit off more than he could chew... :rofl



FEED ME! (before repashy, they wouldn't cooperate until I fed them)





Next on the list is new plants! Thanks for looking :)

edit: it just cracks me up in every photo otis has got his mouth full

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They are beautiful, they want to come visit me.

I think your fish want to come visit me!!

OMG I love the photo with the food sticking out of his mouth! :rofl The fish and tank look great!

thank you! I know he is such a little piggy, it fell out only because he went for another piece of SG!

Very pretty! I love that piggy picture! :D

Thank you!

That pic is awesome with the repashy sticking out! :rofl Pic of the Week potential for sure! :) He looks like he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar!

hahaha typical otis, thank you!

Made me smile seeing that fish with food sticking out. To funny.

he's a character. thank you!

I love the orandas! Don't make me change my mind about the shukin :rofl

Otis, "Om, Nom, Nom!"

ahhh but that shukin is so adorable you should just get an oranda AND the shukin!!

:tomuch: that second photo you should put up in the Pic of the week contest :tomuch:

haha I'm going to

Holy photographer!!!! I like your fish and photography skills.

oh thank you! some of them turned out ok, i need to get my good camera fixed and then really show off my fish!

Your fish are gorgeous, and that second definitely needs to be entered into a contest! :rofl

Thank you!!

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Aren't those lights awesome!! I remember when I switched from my single T8 to those and I couldn't believe the difference! It's like seeing your fish for the first time :P

Great pictures! I love the one with the mouth full of food! :rofl

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