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Anyone using CaribSea Peace River or Torpedo Beach substrate?


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I'm finally going out today to look at different substrates. I am not totally sold on sand at this point because it will be a royal pita to remove it if I don't like it. I don't want traditional gravel either as it can be such a mess.

I have spent some time online on CaribSea's website and I'm intrigued by peace river which is 1-2mm, and I like the natural color and look of this, or possibly torpedo beach which is .5-2mm. They seem to be kinda in the middle between sand and gravel. I like the fact that they are under 3mm so they won't be a choking hazard and as a very light layer 1/8 to 1/4 inch will give them something to poke through. I probably won't even put it on the whole floor as they tend to sleep on the floor, (unless it is soft I suppose.)

Just wondering if anyone here has them and what they think, or if any handy photos?

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