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General questions - fish don't seem sick yet


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So I'm very new to goldfish, but I'm very very worried about illness - especially since I have all fancies. They all seem fine now, but I do occasionally panic if something seem slightly off. *paranoid* I've read through many of the discussions, and just purchased a few most common items mentioned. I haven't treated my fish for anything yet, but I will treat with salt (morton canning/pickling) & prazi when it comes in the mail - just in case.

So when y'all got time, please answer some questions. They may be overly vague, and I got some idea about them already. But I'm new and don't want to assume...

Indications and contraindications of:

1) Prazipro (or any kind of praziquantel)

2) MetroMeds

3) Light salt treatment 0.1%

4) Slightly heavier salt treatment 0.3%

5) Epson salt vs regular salt.

6) Anything else common that I did not mention?

What kind of prophylactic maintenance to y'all do for illness? Weekly? Monthly? Yearly?

(illness = flukes, ich, dropsy, SBD, etc)

Do you turn off bubbles at night?

How do you introduce plants? and more importantly, how do you introduce CO2?

What exactly does flashing look like? (video if possible)

How benign is air gulping?

If most/all of these are already answered in another topic, just post that topic.

Thank you so much for your time!


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Hi Sylvia,

These are all great questions, and I think a good browsing of the forum, along with the search function, will yield you quite a bit of information. We've covered these topics many times, including the various articles that we have. :)

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