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Goldfish-less, but only for a lil while ;)

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So i decided the time was right, i found Marchello a new home, in a large 800 gallon goldfish pond in Arizona. i sent him out to a freind who used to own a large koi pond but had to give it up after her mom became ill and she moved out to vega to care for her, now she has bought a new place and has had this pond set up for a long time without any fish and i offerd her Marchello to be the first goldy in her pond.

well he arrive safely yesterday and is doing well im told.

that is originally had been my plan for him and betty minnow (RIP) i was going to wait a few years but he was quite big as it was and figured he would be happier in a huge pond anyways hthen alone in an 80 gallon.

next time i get up to the pet shop im going to have a look at hte feeders and maybe buy 2 more to grow up in the 80 gallon then send along to a pond (maybe her pond!) once htey are big enough.

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