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lets play "find the frog in my pond photos"


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OK hint for the first three pics... look away if you don't want to read the hint hahaha!

The frog is near the long edge of the largest white piece of rock. Under some hyacinth.

For the second set of pics you are mostly looking for just an eyeball, again near the edge.

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sorry, this is a trick.. you just want us to take close notice of your plants. i see one frog, but only an eye.. careful, it could be a gator,.,. don't stare at your monitor too closely. it is YOU that may lose an eye! :rofl :rofl

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im usually good at finding things, but these are hard, got the obvious and the fourth but thats it, nice looking pond by the way

Thank you

I think you are pulling my leg with the first pictures. ;)

Have you given us a full shot of the pond? I want to see more!!

In the first pics, if you look at the Hyacinth near the large white rock you will see a piece that has a care on it. It is kind of shaped like this ). The frogs head is to the left of that and there is also a glare on his head. There are lots of pics on the site in the pond forum. Ill post a link.

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