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My Oscars


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Karma is a beast! It worries me that my guy might get that big lol And Willow is a cutie.

I have a question. My guy has red eyes. Does that make him an albino or lutino?

If yours has any color that makes him a lutino.

They are beautiful! :)

Can two adult oscars live in a 75 gallon?

Depends on who you talk too. Some say 90 some say 75. But how much filtration depends on who you talk to also. Some say 5x some say 10 x. So I plan for them to stay in the 75 and I am using 10x filtration with large water changes. So far not a problem but I do believe I well have to rehome the pleco at some point. Which I knew when I got him. Ill get a new small one when I do and grow it out.

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