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The Telescopes


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Can you tell that I am in a photo mood? :lol

Three pics of the teles each. Kupo is most likely a boy. Sometimes I can make out breeding stars on his gills and pecs. With Chibi I am still not quite sure. I thought I had seen faint breeding stars on his pecs a good while back, but not anymore.

I am not sure if Kupo is a butterfly or broadtail, but tend more toward the broadtail. It probably doesn't help that his caudals are not split, but that's ok. His big blue eyes make up for that :D




Chibi is generally a weird fish. He is so petite. He is my third oldest fish, got him for three years now, but he is so little compared to all the others. Aside from the baby chu he is the smallest fancy I have. Everyone else has long but passed him, growth-wise. I got Kupo from the same LFS more than a year later, and Kupo was much smaller than Chibi when I got him, yet he too has about twice the body volume as the little orange guy.

He is such a sweetheart though and will "play dead" when I hold him for longer than five seconds :lol

The body : tail proportions on this fish are ridiculous.




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They are adorable!!!! I have always loved your teles :)

Thanks! I used to not like teles, but now I love them :D

Wow, Kupo is gorgeous! They both are!

Thanks a lot !:)

They are gorgeous Fang! I love how transparent kupo is :)

Thanks, Jess! I love this effect from him being about 50% matte. Gives him that transparent/pink look, it's so cute :)

So gorgeous! Kupo looks perfect, so white and clean!

Mr. Clean is good for a lot of things :lol

Just kidding of course :D

Gorgeous! I looooooove teles! Maybe chibi is a china doll?

Hmm.. good question. I am not sure what all exactly makes a china doll out aside from the small size. His body sure is only about 2" in length, with an almost 4" tail.

Awww your teles are so cute and I love Kudo color and eyes :)

His eyes are so funny, how they move and wobble. Kind of feels yucky when I hold him :lol

Mega cuties!!

Kupo's eyes are extremely impressive. xD

Steroid-eyes :rofl

Wow.....you have such beautiful fish!!! You're making me want Telescopes ........ > :)

Thank you! Telescopes are gorgeous goldfish :)

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kupo - the aquatic Frank Sinatra :heart i think chibi is a girl.. she looks like she's wearing a dress :)

both beautiful :heart :heart

Frank Sinatra lol

I wonder too. I originally thought Chibi was a girl too but then one day I saw white breeding stars on the pecs. After a few weeks they disappeared and never came back. The vent is completely unhelpful in this fish's case :rofl

Eye Eye Eye :tomuch:


They are both amazing! They are eying a new home at my house. :nana

Now stop it with the eye-jokes, you all! :D

Aw. What pretty fishies you have there.

I'm coming to visit your tanks :rofl

Let me guess, you are going to bring a big bucket, huh? :lol

very pretty fish Fang,

I really like Chibi................so pretty, and that tail........................I like !!................. :clapping:

Thanks a lot, Deb! :)

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