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110 gallon plant setup. ideas?


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I eventually want to add plants and decorations to this tank. But I have no idea as to what. I do want plants that are easy to maintain. What plants do you think would look good in this tank? I've never seen a planted tank in person thus I'm having a hard time picturing something. Currently only the light on the left is working btw.


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If you want easy to care for plants, I agree with the java fern and anubias. You can anubias that are small, medium or large varieties, with broader leaves or narrower ones. The best thing about them is that they are very hardy. They don't need a lot of light, and your fish probably won't eat them. They grow well attached to driftwood or rocks. When you get it, you tie it to your driftwood or rock (or superglue it), and after a few months, the roots will attach to the rock or driftwood permanently. Then, you can easily move the rocks or driftwood to rearrange your decor or to clean under them.

Java fern has fewer varieties, but works about the same way. :)

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