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Wakka Up Close


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XD Please tell me you have a Tidus or a Lulu. Wakka needs Tidus or Lulu!! :rofl He is gorgeous!!

Wakka looks so beautiful! :) You have one awesome looking fish!!! (with the cutest face ever!) :P Was he named after the character in FFX?

Thanks you guys!

:rofl Well I used to have Lulu the black apple snail but unfortunately she has passed on quite a while ago :rofl

There's also Kupo and Vanille floating around in the same tank as Wakka, so yeah. FF based :D :D

One thing I can say about this fish is that he sure is just about as intelligent as Wakka :lol

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Have you seen Futurama? I made the discovery that Wakka has the same voice as Bender.

And what do you mean? Wakka is a genius!! :rofl

You didn't know that? I always see Wakka when I watch Futurama. That makes that show even more hilarious. :rofl

Right, he's a real genius! "Hey - don't look so down! BOOM! Hahaha! Like happy festival fireworks, ya?" <.<'''

(Don't get me wrong, he's one of the best characters evurrr!! :D

awww we haven't seen wakka in so long!! :heart

Is wakka being a boy a new thing??? or was it just me that thought he was a lady fish?

Anyway, he is one of my favorites here :) so cute.

I think that's just you. I won't tell him you said that :rofl

But you are right, he is so ultra cute! Probably the cutest one I got, and Steven's secret favorite. He keeps calling him "Babyhead-Fish" :rofl2

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That's a really cute calico! :) My oranda has such a short, stubby tail. I'm jealous!


I love long fins. That is the main reason why all my fish - except for the chu and lionhead of course - have long flowy fins. Although I rarely ever actively looked for a fish to buy, when one "hits me" he usually already has nice fins for his size. My dream would be a true veiltail someday :)

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