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What is Migi?


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Another chance for all you experts to educate this total noob.

This is Migi. Migi had a really great black arrow marking on his head when he was bought, which is now almost totally gone. He came from a tankful of similar fish, all gold with varying black markings, some with a deeper belly than he has, none with wens or obvious humps but all with double tails. Migi has a double tail and double anal fins which hasn't shown up very well on the photos. The shop he was bought from couldn't really tell us what he was, other than to (rather unhelpfully) say "He's probably some kind of oranda or ryukin...we only ever get orandas or ryukins in...there are all kinds of crosses...shrug..."

Bearing in mind that he is only a baby and has no trace of a wen, what would you call him? A fantail of poor breed type, maybe? The photos make him appear to have the teeniest tiniest hump...maybe a ryukin after all, obviously still with poor type? Is it too early to tell?

In this first photo his tail is turned a little to the side, making him appear shorter in body than he really is. The blurred photo below gives a truer idea of his shape.



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Well that's fairly conclusive then! A cutie pie fantail of love. :wub: Thanks everyone!

Here is one last blurry photo of Migi-poo a few weeks ago, when he had his arrow marking that ended up giving him his name. He was well nigh impossible to photograph!


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Love the markings on him, he is gonna grow up and look like a pedigree fantail.

Well I loved those markings too, which is why I bought him. Unfortunately they are pretty much all gone now, he's just plain orange!

I wouldn't know a pedigree fantail if it jumped up and bit me in the face but it's nice to know that he looks good!

He's getting to be a bit of a bully actually, chasing all the others around quite determinedly. I wonder if that's my first clue that "he" really is a "he"? Time will tell! :D

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