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Some of the new plants "in action"


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I added a few of the anubias into my main tank, and the guys love them. I had some anubias congensis in there already as well as one anubias broadleaf, but now I added some more of the new barteri nana in.

A pic without camera flash, to make the algae on the back wall less distracting.

The new plants are on the front right and back left. The tall ones are congensis and the front left is one of the barteri broadleaf.


And some pics of the guys having fun in there. Hugo really loves it, she kept checking out the plants and rocks in hope to find some edible treasures :lol





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I love your plants and goldfish! What do you use to tie the anubias to the rocks?

Thank you! I actually do not tie them but use a couple drops of regular super glue and glue the rhizome to the rocks :)

I am green with envy. Love it!

I see what you did there ;)

It looks amazing and super jealous, :P I really love your Hugo :heart

Thanks! She is such a gorgeous beauty, isn't she? :3

Very Very nice.... Wow Fang :thumb:

Thanks Koko!! :D :D

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Love love love the anubias'. They are for sure my favorite aquarium plant, and my huge ones eat all of the nitrates in my tank! I always have zero now and it is kind of awesome lol (which I know you are always battling with on your big tank so hopefully they will start to help too)

And of course I love your fishies :)

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plants, tank, and gold fish look amazing!!!!............................WTG Fang !!!................. :clapping:

Thanks a lot, Deb!! :)

Oh and I love how your green algae looks!!!! I wish I could grow some! I have zero algae tho now that I have plants in my tanks. Not even brown, which is a good thing lol

You know, I battled brown algae for like.... 18 months? And I STILL get some that tries to grow on top of the green algae, but compared to what I used to get, it's minimal. I also get some growing on the plants but I just clean it off like once a month.

And yes, the anubias are GREAT. Especially with that wonderful deal that I posted about (I mean, who can beat $ 1.70 per medium sized anubias nana????) it's such a bliss! I am contemplating buying another unit of this when I get paid next Wednesday and spreading these 20 plants out over my goldfish tanks. The big river rocks are only 99 cent for 3 pieces at Petsmart and you can easily glue 2-3 anubias one one of these large rocks! :D

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