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What the heck....

Guest Jessie

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I am in the middle of cleaning my tank right now. My fish were playing with me, so I wiggled the gently. I noticed MP had some wen growth. ( They're just babies). What the heck.... Wen growth? When I bought them they said faintails.... Im so shocked and confused. Has his happend to you? Also, Im sorry if this was posted in the wrong area, I didnt know. Thanks all. :)

- Jessie

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Hun stop worry so much. We arent the Goldfish Police :):hug

Oh and yeah I bought a fish years ago that I didnt notice a slight wen and Wam there was one about 6 months later... Thats one of the fun things about goldfish, they can change colors and surprise you :thumb:

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fish, especially young ones, are often mislabeled at pet stores :) You might have an oranda on your hands!

Oh my gosh.... COOL! Thats so awesome! Ive always wanted an oranda! My dad came over and he told me " how about you upgrade your tank and get an oranda?" And I said " mmmm... I dont know" My dad would be so happy. Cant wait to tell him I might get an ornda. Excited to find out. ;)

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