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Bumper Stickers (one Only Black one on Top)


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Now these are the last of there kind.... Old ones

This is to raise money for the site.... I have 3 of the black ones..... and one of the other two....So 5 bumper stickers all together... The winners of each one if they tell me I will sign them.... I will not be making ones like this again. But I may be making more in the future.....

The winner will need to pay through pay pal. Shipping will be no more if out side of the us than about a buck in the USA the normal postage. :)

OK so first up.... The black ones.... the Top photo... I will start each one....Lasting One week.... First Bid starts at a $1.00.... I will set the closing date! for ......28th (2pm PST) of this month for One Black one.!!


Have fun.... Post your bid here... Its all fun guys.. :)

This bidding is for one bumpersticker guys.... :thumb:

Remember this is a real bid :)

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Hun Im going to close this... you win the first one... Please PM me your Addy and if you want it signed. :)

Congrats hun

You know my paypal? Free shipping since I know your in the USA :)

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