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Adequate Filtration?

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Hi, I have a 65G with 3 fancies in there. Up and running for about 3 months and water parameters are all kosher (knock on wood).

I use an eheim classic 2217 cannister and recently added a Marineland C-220 canister. The Eheim is definitely the more "pressurized" of the two. I imagine this has to do with the thinner outflow pipe and stronger motor.

Stated GPH flow is 264 + 200 for 464 in total (7.1x in total).

I'd like to confirm this is adequate. I know of the widely used 10x rule, but I find it hard to believe that these 2 canisters in conjunction dont provide adequate filtration. I plan on servicing the Eheim this weekend.


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With canisters you can arguably get by with a little less filtration just because they hold so much more media than a typical HOB. The range 5-8x gph has been thrown out as a suggestion for canister filtration here before. But we also know that canisters do not actually run the claimed amount of gph once they are full of media etc. So, for me personally I would aim for closer to 8x.

You are right between 7-8x gph, and also not overstocked (perfectly stocked IMHO), so I would say you're okay as long as you keep up on regular water changes and keep an eye on the params :) That said, extra filtration never hurts!

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