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Fish suddenly laying on floor on its side


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i am so sorry. in my opinion by observing the videos you posted, i would think it was chocking for it to have happened like that. vid 1.. she appears to be trying to shake something out of her mouth. vid 2 shows the slightly increased breathing.. vid 3, although there do not appear to be any obstructions, the fact that the throat is not closing whilst chewing movement is happening very much indicates that where her teeth are, there is an obstruction.

i am so sorry for your loss :( we're in different timezones, i am so sorry to be late to the party :( RIP sweet girl. hugs to you :heart

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We just wanted to say thanks for all the kind words, and support, and help.

We took it pretty hard. I still don't exactly know what happened. She was eating and seemingly happy and well until the first video. Maybe it was something in her throat - but I couldn't see anything, and can't think of what she could have choked on.

Anyway - thanks again. You are all really very kind.

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